The Girl Who Runs With Wolves is Maria's debut novel for Young Adults (YA). Maria is still currently working on this project.

Extract below:

He came for me. Again. His black wings beat in crescendos, like the sound of thunder; a storm of destruction meandering towards me from all directions. From the depths of darkness He emerged, to consume my spirit and steal my soul.

For as long as I could remember, He had been visiting me at night, smearing His evil across my untouched skin. And tonight, once again, I felt His heaviness upon me, His shadows seeping into my veins.

I was hiding under the bed when He found me, anticipating His unholy touch. He crept in through the window and coiled Himself around me, plunging His lips onto mine with a gale force blow. He reached in, His misty vapour searching, hunting for its prize. An itch journeyed through my veins as He penetrated His way to the depth of my core to locate the darkness that He had marked me with many years before.

I hurriedly performed a Twelve Dimensional Shield and invoked the protection of my wolf pack. Alden where are you? My guardians were taking their time. And then there it was in the distance; a howl. As relief flooded my veins, I momentarily dropped my guard, granting Him passage to move closer still to finish what He started. He crawled through my insides like a rat in a sewer as I hankered on the edge of sanity, caught in the pull of light and dark, as that mark, my stain, cried out to its master.

With my mind twisted by Fear, I felt Him take over my senses. But then there it was again; the call of my wolves, their howls jolting me out of my trance, giving birth to a primal strength inside me; you will not take this girl. With my hackles raised, I jumped up and threw myself against the wall and tore at my clothes. Get out of me, I protested. I crashed into the desk at the end of my room; I heard pens and pencils spill onto the floor. It was then that I saw it, glinting in the moonlight; the shine of a blade that was to be my friend and saviour. Tonight, I would revolt once and for all against the invader of my body. And with great ferocity and determination, that is exactly what I did.

copyright Maria Alfieri