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A Learning Curve: What I learnt in the process of collating The Silent Scream anthology

April 2019

During the process of collating The Silent Scream anthology I have learnt to let go of my beliefs that ‘a good education’ will help to set children up for life and have redefined my own interpretation of what a ‘good education’ actually means. Of course there are obvious benefits of having a ‘good education’ and it definitely helps to open up doors that might otherwise remain closed. But the one thing that will stead children far better going into adulthood is to have a stable, secure and happy childhood, to be acknowledged and validated for who they are and to develop an emotional understanding of themselves and others. Ultimately, they need to be taught how to have good physical and mental health because without those two things, none of the rest really matters. Your academic achievements are of little value you to you if you’re struggling through an addiction or severe episodes of anxiety (for example) as a result of not being able to manage your own mental health. Click here for the full article...


Stranger Danger and the Threat Lurking Closer to Home

January 2019 - Trigger Warnings.

Contrary to the stereotype, most child sex offenders are not ‘dirty old men’ lurking around parks or ‘white van men.’ They are often quite ‘normal’ to other people and frequently the last person you’d suspect. Child abuse is committed by men, women, teenagers and children. They come in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t one ‘type’ of person. Offenders come from all parts of society and all backgrounds. This is the message we must deliver to our children, parents, schools and other relevant institutes and organisations because without wanting to cause alarm, the danger is lurking closer than you think. Click here for the full article...



October 2018 - Trigger Warnings.

Anyone being consumed by their pain and suffering will understand the need to be heard, the need to have their feelings acknowledged and validated, to know that they are not alone in the swirling chaos of their rage, grief and fears, which we mask behind our smile as we make our way through the world. Click here for the full article...